Find the best cold chain
monitoring solutions
We build and provide IoT powered cold chain monitoring solutions that aid the storage and transportation products like vaccines and other plasma products in real-time to prevent waste and loss.
Asset Mapping
Expand your network
of cold chain assets
With our IoT cold chain monitoring system, locations of assets can be identified and mapped to create a network of infrastructure which can improve asset management and financial efficiency of expanding to new markets.
Make intelligent <br>predictions with data
Make intelligent
predictions with data
We offer affordable cold chain logistics rates to low income farmers to curb post harvest losses and increase their earnings.

    Intelligent cold chain monitoring in real-time

    We help businesses curb losses of perishable goods and commodities by providing them with real-time relevant data on the storage condition of their products. With our latest technology, you can now monitor the temperature of your goods, minimize product waste and increase your revenue.

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    Make intelligent predictions with data

    Acquire and track information about the storage conditions and location of products and create alarm triggers based on temperature, humidity thresholds, point of interest, and Geofence.


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