In Nigeria, research reveals that the lack of access to cold chain systems and reliable power supply required to power them results in 40% of post-harvest losses.

The Problem

Cooling challenges
for agriculture

Food Wastage

Lack of proper cold chain equipment in developing countries leads to large post-harvest losses. Gricd cold boxes can be used to reduce food wastage and losses.

Poor Market Reach

Without effective cooling system that can preserve perishable food over long periods and distances, a wider market reach can not be explored or serviced.

Reduced Earnings

Low income farmers who do not have access to proper cold chain equipment loose revenue and investments due to post harvest losses. 

Why Use Gricd Cold Boxes?

  • Gricd cold boxes will significantly help reduce post harvest product loss as they are designed with active cooling technology that maintain product preset storage temperatures.
  • With a reliable cooling system, a wider market and reach can be explored and serviced.
  • A decrease on food losses with an increase in market reach would significantly increase business revenue.