According to the World Health Organization, 19.4 million infants globally do not have access to life saving vaccines largely due to a lack of inadequate cold chain equipment. 
The Problem

Cooling challenges
for healthcare

Potential Harm

Damaged medication may cause potential harm to the people who depend on them. Gricd cold boxes effectively preserve vaccines and medication.

Wasted Medication

Inability to keep medication within required temperatures lead to waste of life saving medication. This negatively impacts revenue and sometimes leads to loss of life.

Injured Reputation

Vaccines that reach the last mile in damaged condition can potentially injure the manufacturers reputations.

Why Use Gricd Cold Boxes?

  • Gricd boxes can be controlled and monitored in real-time, allowing health organizations take pro active decisions that reduce medication wastage.
  • Access to new markets and market share. There is a large cold chain market that needs to be reached. You can breach that gap with our cold boxes.
  • Ability to move premium commodity. We offer an IoT enabled, efficient and trackable system of conveying items that are dependent on cooling.