To meet the last mile need for refrigerated transport services, logistics companies would need to invest in special vehicles and infrastructures, racking up high procurement and maintenance costs.
The Problem

Unique challenges
for logistics companies

Insignificant Market Share

Logistics companies may be unable to access new markets to enable them significantly grow their market share.

High Procurement Cost

Logistics companies invest in high cost of acquiring special vehicles and equipment.

Expensive Maintenance

Special vehicles and cold trucks are expensive for businesses to maintain.

Why Use Gricd Cold Boxes?

  • Logistics companies can provide their customers with refrigerated transport services by latching Gricd boxes onto their standard vehicles without the need to invest in special vehicles.
  • Access to new markets and market share. There is a large cold chain market that needs to be reached. You can breach that gap with our cold boxes.
  • Ability to move premium commodity. We offer an IoT enabled, efficient and trackable system of conveying items that are dependent on cooling.