Gricd Plug-in Mote



Plug and play IOT-enabled device which monitors and records ambient temperature and humidity for up to 30 days.



Built-in high-precision temperature transmitter which can detect temperature range between +25° C to -40° C.

Lasting Battery

The MOTE only comes on when it sends data and can last up to 30 days on a single charge.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Powered with Internet of Things, the MOTE may be monitored and controlled anywhere from your mobile device.

Built-in humidity transmitter which monitors and records ambient humidity
GPS Tracking
The MOTE comes with a built-in GSM antennae to track the location of your device.
Alarm Triggers

In the case of emergencies, an alarm is triggered in real-time configurable via SMS, Email and push notifications.


Stick on Any Smooth Surface